There’s nothing better than being a teacher. Honestly, there are not many professions that allow a person to engage in what Daniel Pink refers to as a state of “flow” for 9 months of the year, followed by an opportunity to then take a couple of months off to RECHARGE. And, what I mean by RECHARGE is that teachers get a chance to research, explore, learn, grow, and pursue self-directed interests, while nourishing our bodies, minds and souls. The extra time with loved ones and the gift of time that is held sacred to do whatever it is that will fuel ourselves….that is what summer break is to a teacher. A temporary exemption from the bustle of day-to-day teaching can be the key to continual growth. So, today, I’m feeling pretty lucky as I have returned to my first few weeks of teaching after summer break. The job I love so much creates the perfect balance for me. I’m RECHARGED and ready to grow. And, that makes my heart very happy.

via Daily Prompt: Recharge